Mark Staarink

Avid programmer, game development enthousiast, web wizard, occasional writer, and many other things.
Curriculum Vitae (Dutch) | email | last updated 07-2015
As the name implies, a Seriously Simple RSS Reader. I wanted something even more bare-bones than the average "simple RSS reader", so I made my own.
A fairly simple Asteroids-like game. I wanted to actually finish a game, so I picked something small and manageable. It was still quite the ride!
Trash Sweeper
Minesweeper clone, made for the May 2013 Boot Camp, "Mundane jobs made interesting". One of the first things I tried making. The time constraint was very exciting!
Over the years I have worked on numerous websites, usually for my web development job at Dynaloo. Most have been made using Joomla! CMS.
I am currently writing an ongoing story for writing experience and fun. It follows the adventures of Mitchell after he one day woke up in a cave system.
There are a lot of projects I started but never got around to finishing, or simply never became anything great. They are still part of my experience, and from most I have learned a thing or two.

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